Primo giorno senza criticità per il nuovo gestore del trasporto pubblico. Qualche disagio sul portale per il boom di richieste. 

Corriere di Arezzo, 2 November 2021 - by Mauro Bonciani and Lorenzo Sarra - Autolinee Toscane gets into gear. The first day that passed with regular service, registering a boom in requests for tickets and passes, with 46,000 registrations. Some discomfort, explains the company, has been on the portal due to the many requests, up to 1,500 per hour.

"We started to manage the service, to touch the situation, the health of the buses and buildings, to meet and get to know the employees". This is the comment of Jean-Luc Laugaa, CEO of Autolinee Toscane.

"I would like to greet all employees with a` Welcome aboard`, the CEO continues - starting with those who helped us, with care and passion, to organize the takeover. Thanks also to all the drivers, for their commitment that they have demonstrated and that I am convinced of - they will continue to demonstrate in the future ". Therefore, regulate the first day of service, also thanks to the holiday and reduced activity. The buses - many of the Autolinee Toscane license plates from the early hours of the morning with new window stickers have traveled without criticality.

"It is a complex and demanding takeover: unifying 22 companies requires time, commitment and even some sacrifices. Add to this the difficulties created by Covid and the green pass, such as the shortage of drivers. It will take some time before we see a more reliable and homogeneous service. But this is our goal that we would like to achieve by next September ".