RATP DEV Italia has an expert team that is skilled both in the technical field and in service management. That team is predominantly Italian, in line with the company’s choice to bring expertise to the regions where we operate while respecting their distinctness, building on local skills, and training the people who will lead our future successes.

We can manage complex and structured networks of all sizes, from small towns to big cities or basins of municipalities, and even entire regions.

Our flexibility enables us to actively support the needs of the local area and its governing authority: dealing with requests for new planning designs, service variations, partial redesigns, and any other eventuality with the necessary reliability and efficiency. And with the certainty that what is proposed will be feasible and will deliver the expected benefits.

We provide a state-of-the-art information system, from which current and projected information can be retrieved independently. This paves the way for functional collaboration between the partner and the client, so they can achieve optimal results together.