To meet the development stakes of the city of Riyadh and the 2030 vision of the Kingdom 

  • Acquire a multi-model modern network that is safe and high-performance. 
  • Facilitate the travel of the inhabitants of Riyadh 
  • Make mobility a vector of economic, social and social development 

As part of RATP Dev Capital Metro Company - SAPTCO, the joint venture established with our Saudi strategic partner SAPTCO, RATP Dev is committed to the mobilisation, operation and maintenance of future lines 1 and 2.

A ruling confirms the legitimacy regarding the tender for the management of public road transport.

FLORENCE, 11 December 2019 - After the positive ruling of the EU Court of Justice, the equally positive one of the Council of State arrived today.

A ruling confirms the legitimacy of the work of the Tuscany Region regarding the tender for the management of public road transport. "It is a sentence that we welcome positively - comments Bruno Lombardi, president of Autolinee Toscane (AT) - and which, like all sentences, are not commented on but respected".

Northern region

The Dupas Lebeda Entreprises group includes four companies (Voyages Dupas Lebeda, Aventour, Lebas Laridant and Voyages Taquet) and operates primarily regular inter-urban lines and school services while offering sightseeing excursions. Located in particular in the Valenciennes basin, the group operates in Nord Pas-de-Calais and in Somme and Aisne. 

The acknowledged know-how and expertise of Dupas Lebeda Entreprises teams is what RATP Dev relies on to continue the group’s expansion.  


RATP Dev will provide effective support for changes in the ACSO network over a seven-year term. Regional coverage will be better tailored to passenger expectations thanks to a restructured offering on 30 August 2021 that will strengthen structural lines, an increase in amplitude and frequency at peak times, a large-scale action plan to combat fraud, the creation of the region’s first bicycle relay and the launch of a long-term rental offering for electric bicycles.


RATP Dev restructures the MAT network over a five-year period and revitalises the transport offering with more frequent, more direct, faster and better-connected buses offering more services to passengers. 

The emphasis is on improving bus frequency, a wider range of operating times for regular lines and an entirely remapped network for trips to take less time and a focus on access to leisure activities. Several lines stop at the Aquamalo complex, the new water activities facility for the conurbation.


RATP Dev has been managing the Angers Loire Métropole conglomeration Irigo network since 1 July 2019 with a six-year contract. 

RATP Dev wants to extend the Irigo network and make it more accessible to cater to the 290,000 people in the region’s 29 municipalities. With the inauguration of two new tramway lines, the operating core business of RATP Group, a more environmentally friendly bus network that caters properly to the region along with a high level of service quality, RATP Dev wishes to attract more and more Angevins. 


From 2019 to 2027 RATP Dev will support Brest Metropole in sustainably developing its Bibus network, including creating a new network in January 2021, which foreshadow the advent of the second tramway line and the BHLS by 2026, along with the energy transition with the renewal of the bus fleet and electrification starting in 2021.

Gestito da CiliaItalia uno Shuttle Service completamente ecologico per studenti, professori e staff

In August 2019, Luiss launched its completely ecological Shuttle Service for students, professors and staff, the first of its kind in Italy.

The shuttles, currently running on natural gas with new electric models coming soon, allow members of the Luiss community to travel between the University’s campuses in Rome in a sustainable and technological way, thanks to the Luiss App-based reservation system.

New electronic poles and service data

MUNICIPALITY OF LATINA - At the bus station in Via Vittorio Cervone, this morning at 12.30, the electronic poles were inaugurated that the new LPT operator has installed and which will operate in this first phase - until September - on an experimental basis .

The Mayor Damiano Coletta, the managing director of CSC Mobilità, Giuseppe Ottone, and the city planning and transport councilor, Francesco Castaldo, in addition to the service manager, Claudio Miele, were present to inaugurate them.