Implement bus stop maintenance and repair with city reimbursement for ~250 bus stops.


des itinéraires fixes et un service complémentaire de transport TPMR conforme ADA


service saisonnier de tramway "vin"


In addition to the Operations & Maintenance contract, the City of Santa Maria awarded a contract in the amount of some $69K per year for bus stop janitorial and maintenance activities at its ~250 bus stops. Rather than hiring service workers to perform these tasks in-house, RATP Dev partnered with PathPoint, a local non-profit that helps low-income individuals with developmental disabilities to overcome barriers to employment, place them in jobs, and provide them with the training and support they need to keep jobs. Reporting to a crew leader, the workers travel around town in a passenger van to empty trash, clean glass, polish shelters, report damage, and generally keep the Transit Center and bus stops neat and tidy.

At a National Disability Employment Awareness event in October 2018, RATP Dev was recognized by PathPoint and the Department of Rehabilitation with a certificate of appreciation for its dedication and commitment to work in partnership to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 

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