• Advising businesses on their choice of location based on accessibility to public transit services, cars and “soft” methods (foot, bicycle).
  • Drawing up innovative, sustainable business mobility plans to limit the impact of work-related travel using proven diagnostics tools.
  • Improving mobility for employees of businesses and local authorities by offering new services and innovative solutions that are effective and respect the environment.
  • Providing equipment along with reception and transit facilities in order to offer a high-quality service for passengers, local authorities, and transportation providers.



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Traffic jams that cause delay, rising stress levels due to commuting and growing awareness of environmental issues are some of the reasons why transportation is a key concern for businesses, who want to improve their accessibility in a responsible way. To help them, EM Services offers tailored studies to offer solutions that meet their specific needs. When a business is moving, EM Services advises on the best location in terms of transportation, taking into account issues such as the density of the networks, public transit services and road traffic. Every year, businesses such as Crédit Agricole, Orange and Saint-Gobain turn to EM Services when they need to change locations. EM Services also helps organizations improve their existing situation by introducing staggered working hours for employees, altering bus times, creating private shuttle services and setting up ride-sharing programs. The aim is to minimize the impact of transportation on employees’ comfort and morale, while making the company as accessible as possible to its customers.

La gare routière de Rennes, un exemple de réalisation d'EM Services.
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