• Offer state-of-the-art metro services: higher punctuality and regularity, acclaimed customer service practices, and strong asset maintenance capabilities.
  • Improve the quality of life of Cairo’s population with more efficient, innovative, and sustainable mobility services.
  • Strongly invest in the development of local talents and achieve the recruitment of at least 90% of Egyptian employees. 


passengers per day


km, 19 stations - soon to be extended to 40 km with 34 stations

2 000+



The National Authority for Tunnels (NAT, the Government Agency under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport, and owner of the Cairo Metro network) commissioned RATP Dev, through its local subsidiary RATP Dev Mobility Cairo, for the operation and maintenance of Line 3, as well as its future extensions, for 15 years. 

This partnership is part of the Egyptian government’s endeavour to strengthen the role of the private sector in maximizing the efficiency and quality of services provided to the citizens. The takeover of line 3 by RATP Dev took effect after a mobilisation phase that included an audit of the existing situation, recruitment, handover, assessments, training, and other preparatory steps.

Inaugurated in 2012, Line 3 is 22.9 km long, serves 19 stations and, once the extensions have been completed, will reach 40 km in length and serve 34 stations, with a projected ridership of over 1 million passengers per day. 

RATP Dev’s prime mission is to offer the population of Cairo state-of-the-art metro services, in line with RATP Dev’s international standards put in place in major cities around the world (Paris, London, Hong Kong, Algiers, etc): higher punctuality and regularity, strong asset maintenance capabilities, and acclaimed customer service practices. RATP Dev Mobility Cairo has already provided passengers with a new website and mobile app where they can find real-time information to get around more easily.  

RATP Dev Mobility Cairo also aims to contribute to local employment and is committed that at least 90% of its staff is Egyptian Nationals. More than 2,000 employees of RATP Dev Mobility Cairo work for Metro Line 3. Hundreds of those employees have already been trained to the highest international standards in the operation and maintenance of a metro service, and a local training centre is being established to ensure the transfer of knowledge and know-how.  

Finally, RATP Dev Mobility Cairo intends to promote the cultural and artistic heritage of Egypt throughout Metro Line 3 to remind passengers of the epic history of Egypt through the various time eras and the promising future of the country

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