RATP Dev established a student/intern program to provide hands-on experience to students that also provides Longview Transit part-time maintenance assistance.  To bolster the program, RATP Dev's local Director of Maintenance became a member of the advisory board for the school of diesel mechanics at the community college to identify potential students early in the cycle when they seek valuable internship experience. 


In 2017, the National Parks Association asked RATP Dev to pilot a program with a Proterra Electric Bus, to determine future transit plans for Zion National Park. RATP Dev assisted in the lease of a 40ft. long-range Proterra bus for a three-month trial period. With the partnership of the local General Manager, the three-month trial period allowed our RATP Dev Mechanics, Operators, and Key Personnel to become proficient with the Proterra bus procedures to replicate the management, training and mechanical duties for a future fleet.

Colorado Springs

RATP Dev was selected in 2011 to provide and maintain transportation services for Mountain Metropolitan Services of Colorado Springs, Colorado. RATP Dev continuously strives to leverage technology to increase operational efficiencies and improve communication throughout the business. In June 2013, tablets were given to Colorado Springs employees to improve operations and manage services. This initiative saved on printing lessened paper usage and resulted in an overall lower environmental impact while also improving communication.

City of Lubbock

RATP Dev assumed management and operation of the City of Lubbock’s 100-vehicle transit system. The local RATP Dev management team oversees service in five specific areas: fixed-route, citiAccess (Paratransit-Medicaid Contract with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission), special services, Texas Tech University service, and service as the Lubbock Agent for Greyhound Services. The fixed-route and citiAccess services provide safe and reliable transportation for Lubbock citizens throughout the community.


Through federal funds, RATP Dev initiated the project to build a new Downtown Transfer Center with an outreach program for the Oklahoma Transit Association, to persuade the state to dedicate more funding for future projects. Federal funding has not increased over the years for small and medium systems, which makes it very difficult to get capital funding through grants if you lack the backing from other transit agencies. Despite these challenges, RATP Dev is confident the outreach program will generate buzz for the state!


  • An access road construction from South Campus enabled a new run-cut for 2 Fixed Routes.
  • The new run-cut allowed Topper Transit to maintain frequency levels with 2 fewer buses on the daily routes and improve on-time performance for the Fall 2018 semester. 
  • Topper Transit is averaging 17 additional pass/hours per service line compared to Fall 2017.
  • Operational Analysis conducted in December of 2018 provides insight on additional, actionable efficiencies to implement in 2019.


We are using outside vendors to help repair the fleet as well as bringing in experience techs and Managers in to help our techs to increase their skills due to their inexperience. As for OTP, working with the City in correcting the timepoints, along with working closely with them on their timepoint on the new Master Plan, starting in July 2019.

Opening ceremony at the Vespucci airport in the presence of the President of the Republic

On 11 February 2019, the new T2 Vespucci line enters service. The first rides for citizens, which will travel free for two weeks (T2 only), will start at 2.30pm with the trams ready along numerous stops on the line.

At 12.00 the inaugural ceremony is scheduled at the Vespucci airport in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Minister of Infrastructure Danilo Toninelli, the Mayor Nardella, President Rossi and the European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu.

City of Waco

RATP Dev provides urban fixed-route service and ADA paratransit service within the city of Waco, as well as rural demand service and Baylor University shuttle service. The City of Waco’s strategic foresight, in coordination with RATP Dev, has modernized public transportation in the Heart of Texas. Successful efforts at both the state and federal level have allocated millions of dollars in grant funding to the Waco community, which have been used to purchase a $2.5 million state of the art intermodal terminal and the $5.2 million maintenance and administration facility.

Daytona Beach

Votran met en œuvre l'initiative RADAR pour réduire les départs en fournissant une formation supplémentaire si nécessaire et en s'assurant que les superviseurs sont disponibles, à l'écoute des préoccupations et des idées des conducteurs, et en améliorant la communication et la fidélisation. Les ajustements apportés au nouveau contrat de travail ainsi que les nouveaux programmes d'incitation pour tous les membres syndiqués et non syndiqués ont amélioré le moral.