From 1 July, 39 new buses of the latest generation and of high technological quality will be made available to citizens by the local administration

Latina, 25 June 2018 - The new service was inaugurated today, in the presence of Damiano Coletta, Mayor of Latina, the Councilor for Mobility Francesco Castaldo and Andrea Buonomini, CEO of RATP DEV Italia and CEO of CiliaItalia, ATI CSC agent, the new service of public transport in the Municipality of Latina. It will be managed by CSC, a grouping of three companies, CiliaItalia (the agent, part of the French group RATP - a world leader in local public transport), Cialone Tour and Sac Mobility, awarded the tender announced by the Administration.

The vehicles There will be 39 new cars on the road able to guarantee the best quality of urban transport, divided into 3 different types of vehicles. An efficient service close to the citizen Citizens will be able to find all the information on the new service from a dedicated website ( and from the CSC Mobilità Twitter profile, automatically connected to the notices published on the site.

Furthermore, thanks to the sharing of data in real time through advanced communication standards, he will be able to consult timetables and routes through applications such as "Moovit" and "Google Transit" or plan a trip by local public transport, through the Trip planner developed specifically for the service. of the Municipality of Latina.

“We are really excited - said Andrea Buonomini, CEO of RATP DEV Italia and CEO of CiliaItalia, agent of ATI CSC - to be able to start operating in an important municipality such as Latina. CSC is a company made up of three companies in the urban and extra-urban transport and mobility sector: CiliaItalia (51%), Cialone Tour (35%), and Sac Mobilità (14%). Three companies that have been operating for some time in the Lazio region but with extensive national and international experience, strengthened by the presence of the RATP Group, of which CiliaItalia is a part. A grouping that guarantees, therefore, not only knowledge of the territory but also competence, reliability, economic solidity, technical innovation and organizational processes ".

"The RATP Group is one of the most important realities in the world in terms of local public transport, it is enough to mention the management of public transport in Paris. We will therefore make all our experience and experience available to the citizens of the Latina area. the enthusiasm to start a new journey together, based on the highest quality of service ".