Lombardi, president of Autolinee Toscane: "A sentence that confirms what has already been expressed by the Tuscan TAR with the sentence of October 2016. Now follow up on the signed documents".

FLORENCE, 21 March 2019 - "An important step in the right direction - this is the comment of Bruno Lombardi, president of Autolinee Toscane (AT) - AT has all the requirements to participate in the regional tender: the Court says it, black and white of Justice of the EU. Now we are waiting for the acts envisaged, agreed and signed by all interested parties to be followed up ”.

This morning the 11-page ruling of the EU Court of Justice called to pronounce by the Council of State was published. A sentence that clearly states that AT's participation in the AT tender is correct and consistent with the provisions of European regulation no. 1370/2007.

A sentence - adds Lombardi - consistent with what has already been expressed by the Tuscany Region and the TAR, confirming the seriousness and correctness with which the tender was managed. Our goal - concludes Lombardi - is to be ready to provide a quality transport service as desired by the Region and as expected by all commuters"