The Ratp “Club Tram” has chosen Florence to meet and discuss the different management experiences and identify innovations to improve the service.

FLORENCE, 22 JUNE - The Ratp “Club Tram” has chosen Florence to meet and discuss the different management experiences and identify innovations to improve the service. And during the two Florentine days, the 10 delegation between general managers and CEOs of companies of the Ratp Group met the deputy mayor Cristina Giachi and the councilor for mobility Stefano Giorgetti in Palazzo Vecchio.

“The Tram Club - explained Jean-Luc Laugaa, managing director of Gest - is, for all of us, an important business appointment. We need it to compare the different management experiences and to identify possible innovations aimed at improving the service. This sharing helps us to face, and sometimes even to prevent, management problems in our daily work. Meeting the municipal administration was an opportunity to present our international activity and ensure the maximum commitment of the entire Group, as well as of Gest itself, in the management of the Florence tramway. An experience - concludes Jean-Luc Laugaa - in which the entire Group strongly believes: we are aware that managing the Florence tramway in the best possible way is an excellent business card all over the world ".

“We are proud that they have chosen Florence for their meeting - underlines the deputy mayor Giachi -. The number of passengers that Ratp moves around the world is impressive: 440 million with 24 tram lines, 250 kilometers of network. For our part, we are pleased to have built two tram lines in four years. The partnership with RATP is essential to make Florence a cutting-edge city in the world as can be understood from the experiences of the general managers and CEOs present ".

"Our goal is a city that moves more and more using public transport and the tramway represents one of the fundamental elements - adds Councilor Giorgetti -. In these eight years of service, Line 1 has enjoyed ever increasing success, reaching over 14 million passengers a year. And we are confident that lines 2 and 3 will be equally popular, allowing up to 40 million passengers to be transported efficiently and environmentally. In this way, also thanks to the contextual reorganization of public transport on tires, moving around the city by public transport will become more and more attractive and functional "

The "Club Tram" has chosen to meet in Florence, a city that - with Gest - is preparing to experience the launch of two new tram lines that will reach Careggi and Peretola. The CEOs arrived in the city, operating in 6 countries on 4 continents with about 4,500 employees, including the United States, Algeria, China, France, Morocco and Italy, and soon also in the city of Lusailin Qatar, met with the aim of discuss, share and study the experiences made in every context, from Washington to Tucson, from Ile de France to Valanciennes, from Algiers to Oran, from Costantine to Sidi Bel Abbes, from Ouargla to Setif, from Casablanca to Hong Kong.

The delegation met with the municipal administration and illustrated the activities that the Group carries out in the world and the experience gained internationally, including that of the city of Florence which, with the T1 Line, has a success of 14 million passengers. 'year. Realities that make the Ratp Group the third in Europe and the fifth in the world specialized in the management of tramways.