• Be the operator of every form of mobility across the region
  • Optimizing bus stop distribution.
  • Ensuring service through roadworks.
  • Managing service interruptions arising from construction works in progress.




buses on nine routes


bicycle station comprising 37 electric bicycles, 20 electric scooters and 45 conventional bicycles along with one BHLS line (TANGO)


TP2A is a subsidiary owned 51% by RATP Dev and 49% by the Geneva public transit authority. It operates the city transit system for the Annemasse federation of communities that encompasses twelve municipalities in the Haute Savoie department. It also provides cross-border links to Geneva.


RATP Group has been running TAC Mobilités (the Annemasse transit system) since 2002 and offers:

  • Nine bus lines including one Tango line with a high level of service connecting the Altera and Jean Monnet park-and-ride car parks in 15 minutes, along with two lines on Sunday 

  • A bookable transport on demand service

    • Proxi'TAC: for travelling in part of the region that do not have a regular service in the TAC network

    • Handi'TAC: enables reduced-mobility passengers unable to use the network’s regular lines to travel across the region

  • VéloTAC rental service at Point.Vélo located at Maison de la Mobilité et du Tourisme 

  • Two secure bicycle parking facilities with 24/7 service on the square in front of the Annemasse station


Since its first public service contract in 2002, TP2A has expanded bus hours of operation from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. It has also opened Tango 1 and 2, two additional, high-frequency routes to and from Switzerland.


The contract was renewed for the second time in 2015. Future plans include developing a comprehensive mobility offer and a multimodal system as part of Greater Geneva, an area spanning parts of France, Geneva, and the canton of Vaud.

15 December was Revolution Day!

Three major projects were launched: 

  • Tango 1 and 2 BHLS lines were transformed into a single BNLS Tango line with a bus every ten minutes at peak times. The new line connects the two park-and-ride car parks for the conurbation 

  • Extension of tram line 17 from Geneva to Annemasse

  • Creation of the Léman Express, a cross-border regional express rail service connecting the two cities in 20 minutes.


Services have been boosted, with the launch of a commercial drive comprising a multimode mobility center in December 2018. The first MaaS application from RATP Dev was launched in January 2019. It is regularly enhanced with new functions.


One year later TAC launched its ticketing solution using the Oùra new generation card (the regional card for Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes).

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