Inauguration of the electronic poles that the new TPL manager has installed and that will work in this first phase

MUNICIPALITY OF LATINA - At the bus station in Via Vittorio Cervone, this morning at 12.30, the electronic poles were inaugurated that the new LPT operator has installed and which will operate in this first phase - until September - on an experimental basis .

The Mayor Damiano Coletta, the managing director of CSC Mobilità, Giuseppe Ottone, and the city planning and transport councilor, Francesco Castaldo, in addition to the service manager, Claudio Miele, were present to inaugurate them.

The event also represented an opportunity to make a summary of the results obtained by CSC Mobility, just over a year after the start of the activity of the new assignee of the local public transport service:

• Passengers transported: approximately 2,000,000 (an increase of 150% compared to the tender base data);

• Tickets sold on board: approximately 62,000 (increase of 217% compared to the basic race data);

• One way tickets sold: approximately 952,000 (an increase of 147% compared to the basic race data);

• Season tickets sold: approximately 21,000 (an increase of 145% compared to the basic tender data);

• Km traveled: approximately 1,750,000;

• Runs performed: approximately 94,000;

• Average monthly transported: approximately 165,000 passengers;

• Average daily transported: about 5500 passengers.